Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee is best known as the mistress of Jesse James, West Coast Choppers customizer, which lead to the break up of his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock. Michelle gets painted in varying lights on the internet from the tattooed stripper she is to the harlot that broke up a marriage. The way I look at it is she isn't the only one to blame. He was there too. Still, you don't fool around with someone who is married. It's just not cool. Michelle seemingly gets the worst out of the two of them. Admittedly though she seems to pride herself on that fact. The ad on the bottom of her new site reads "Life is short. Have an affair". The opening paragraph on her "About Me" page throws it straight out there in your face. She is clearly using this to propel herself into international stardom. You do what you can. It's working.

So when I read on her Facebook profile that she was coming out to my home city Melbourne, Australia to feature at Sexpo I thought I would ask her if I could catch up with her for an interview with a difference. My blog is predominantly about the music I love, so I thought that would be a cool spin on things for her, find out what music she might dig, if she has a passion for certain bands, vinyl, whatever it may be. Give her an opportunity to be more than the internet says she is. There is a great photo shoot of her wearing a Motörhead t-shirt. She has a photo amongst her Facebook photo's of her with Dave Navarro titled "My friend Dave and I"... he commented "fuck yes thats mbsm! and she is fuckin awesome! :)". So may-be a music love there... who knows...

So I sent her the message asking to which she replied "Of course if I have time"...

When she arrived, we organised for Wednesday at midday... Michelle didn't know there was another Hilton and I went to the wrong one. Easy mistake. Reception there was awesome and I spoke to her on the phone. She apologised and said she should be finished her interviews that day by 4:30pm. To call the motel to check first but it should be cool... I was already in the city so hung around and then went to the motel and checked it out. Michelle was still out doing interviews, so I hung around for a while. Easier waiting there than going all the way home and coming back again... I actually saw her pull up in a car and walk off in the opposite direction and disappear.

I left a message on her phone there, reception also said they'd put a message under her door. Hilton on the Park and South Wharf have amazing service. As you would expect, but seriously, amazing people! Thankyou Keiko and Caitlin. I left it a couple of days as I know she would have been busy, rang and even sent her a Facebook message and have seen she has since been on there a few times. Michelle never called me back or answered the message and has now arrived back home in the U.S.

What have I learnt:
- Well, while trying to research more about her on the internet I found out that apparantly she thinks she is 24 / 25 but yet there is an article on Examiner.com where a supposed fellow school graduate says she is atleast 10 years older than that. Also that she says she grew up Amish and got her first tatt at 15 but yet the article disputes that.
- There is no Wikipedia page and it forwards you to Jesse James which is hilarious.
- Most of the information you can find out seems to be either a lie or contradicts itself.
- She has a beautiful young son.
- That she has (maybe) a couple of dogs... French Bulldog - Hans and an "extremely hyper destuctive boxer".

I have read a lot about her being a stripper and breaking up the previously mentioned marriage. When I say a lot, I mean shitloads and 99% of it isn't positive and uses words that I won't here... right now...

Why did I want to interview her? Because the bad isn't the only stuff that makes up a person, she seemed to be a tattooed chick with attitude and spunk. Someone that looks like they would be cool as hell and rock out like the best of us.

Instead all I learnt is:
- While talking to her on the phone for 20 seconds she has an American accent - no brainer there.
- That she doesn't return calls / messages.
- That she could've easily just originally said no. Ok, yes she did say if she had time, but then don't make arrangements and leave a person hanging. She could've called me back and said not going to happen.

Pity she missed out on the present! Since it was going to predominantly be an interview about music and for sure her rockin tatts, I scored her a killer Mammoth Mammoth pack of a t-shirt and a couple of CD's. Best live band in Melbourne! Why wouldn't you love it!

So I wanted to post up an awesome interview but insead ended up with diary of sorts...

My Summary.
- Well from the majority of things I've read and since I found out nothing new... she is just a slut with tattoo's.

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