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Mammoth / Chainsaw Hookers.

Mammoth Mammoth
Chainsaw Hookers
Australian Kingswood Factory
Harvest Smoke

Sat 13-11-2010.
Yah Yah's.

Was a great night. I'm not sure how I got past the beginning....

Ok, so it wasn't that bad. I was comfortably sitting at home, having a Southern and relaxing. It was pouring like crazy outside and I was not keen to get up out of the cosyness of my own couch. After several texts being sent back and forth I knew if I didn't get going I would be copping abuse from my mates... off I went.

Walked up to the station and stood there waiting about 10 minutes for the train. Kappa trackies and rats tails walked on by, tramps in mini's that looked more like belts and were probably only weeks away from getting pregnant. Bit too harsh? The platforms were a sight on this night, that's for sure...

Off the train at Collingwood (GO PIES!) and walked up to Yah Yah's. Even with an umbrella I was getting soaked from the waist down. Holding my bag up high so my video camera didn't get wet, I power walked it through the side streets and made my way there. It was a cheap $2 shop umbrella so when I saw a couple close to Smith St not coping with the rain I paid it forward and passed it on to others more in need.

By the time I walked in to Yah Yah's my left foot was somehow reasonably dry but my right foot was soaked, socks and shoes right through! It was only 9pm and it wasn't likely I would be home anytime soon! I fuckin hate wet socks! There probably isn't a worse feeling other than when you're cutting up avocado and a bit falls in between your toes... but that's another story.

Harvest Smoke, ex-Perth guys Benny and Lee from Screwtop Detonators new band, were already on stage as I bought my first drink and walked down the front to stand next to one of my mates. They were rockin it solid and I was very impressed. I have started getting in earlier to gigs and staying longer most of the time, like the good ol' days. Just not geting there and seeing the band I was mainly going for. I've been introduced to some wicked bands lately and Harvest Smoke is the reason you should get to a gig early.

Singer Benny thanked the bands for the hookup and explained they hadn't even rehearsed when they got the invite to be on the bill! It was the bands first gig that night and if that's the case these guys are going to be a massive force.

They sounded like they had come straight from England off one of the tall ships but somehow from the late 1970's. Australian colonial folk mixed with punked and rockabilly sensibilities. I'm pretty bad at describing music but love describing how it makes me feel and these guys kicked arse!

Highlights - Bad Bad Bad, a killer version of Jason & The Scorchers 'White Lies' and Bushfire And Eggs as introduced by Benny "about the smell of knuckles beard". He's the drummer and as described in their Facebook bio "Knuckles is the best drummer in the world, he plays the drums like a guitarist, and hits them with the conviction of a convicted convict.. He has the best beard since Ned Kelly but doesn't hide it behind a cast iron helmet. Funniest prick ever." So the look fits the punked up colonial sound.

Next up was the greatly named Australian Kingswood Factory. A three piece self described as a Blues / Rock band from Melbourne. To be honest after a while I stopped paying attention. They were capable musicians and on another night I don't doubt they would rock the joint but the guitar was just too soft for me. Badly mixed, it was too quiet. It sounded like the guitarist was in another room or my ears had popped and the sound was still muffled. A shame because that really let them down. We started talking and not paying them much attention as it just needed that extra volume to kick it out.

I was excited to be seeing Perth band Chainsaw Hookers. I'd read great things about them but never heard them before. It's always good seeing bands you love and singing a long but what a fuckin buzz it is to hear a band for the first time slaughtering a venue live! As their t-shirt says "You don't need to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre!" Damn straight. These guys are balls to the wall straight up kick arse! I've started a new genre in their honour, Slaughter Rock! Drums beating faster than a 15 year old E'ing off their head at a rave, riffed up guitars with shredding solo's and a vocalist that makes Lemmy sound like a pussy!

I can't say it enough - these guys fuckin kicked arse! Thank god the mix was shitloads better and it was crankin'! Perfect quote from Blunt Magazine "They thump with a thugishness that'd make Angry Anderson's prostate swell with pride". What more could you ask for? How about weird arse merch to keep you talking about them all night like condoms that say "Always Rock Hard" on the packaging! But would you really trust a condom from a rock band that are called Chainsaw Hookers? Check 'em out and grab a copy of their First Blood EP out through Blood Rock Records.

Highlights - actually the lot! The fuckin guitars, the kickin drums, the driving bass and especially the throaty and raspy as hell vocals. The vocals were so rough that they made gravel feel like silk! Awesome!

After playing to a packed out Hi-Fi in Melbourne whilst on the Australian tour with Airbourne, Mammoth Mammoth were in their element. Devil horns a plenty and a full house of punters going ape shit over their killer blend of rawk'n'roll! How would they play then to a fairly empty Yah Yah's? The turnout tonight for such a line-up was disappointing to say the least but it seems that most of the crowd don't come for the bands, they come after 2am when everywhere else is closing and it's the only alcohol around! It's a shame as one thing I realised again this night is that so many great shows go without even being heard, that sucks. That's why I like to record or film gigs when I can so I can appreciate them all over again!

Mammoth are gaining quite a following (although as I mentioned where the hell were they?) and it didn't take long for those inside to start rockin out as they opened with Another Drink. Bones beats the skins like Bamm Bamm on steroids and from there on in it just gets mighty. It was good to see the guys here with no barrier like they're used to and not only did Gash get his bass playing down and dirtier than usual on the floor with Mikey but Cuz brought some of that Flying V action down to strut!

Those who haven't seen Mammoth don't always know how to take Mikey's antics of running wild on and off stage, through the crowd, jumping on tables and goin crazy. Tonight was no different except for one guy who thought he was a bit Mick Jagger-like on stage and Usain Bolt whilst amongst the rest of us. He was power walking round like a man on a mission from Jack Daniels with a weekend release pass. He became the band mascot for the night, whether we liked it or not! He was actually on stage more than Mikey, who was either enjoying all the space on the floor or just trying to get the hell away from him.

As usually they cranked into an Aussie pub rawk version of Kyuss' Green Machine, though part way through Cuz's amp didn't want to play along and just turned off. I'm not sure what the issue was, whether it wasn't plugged in right or whether it was pissed that the rightful guitarist of Kyuss wont be touring with Kyuss Lives but he got it up and running and cranking once more.

Highlights - The usual Mammoth antics and Mikey scaring the hell out of everyone getting up on the tables but he didn't quite as much as the Mick Jagger drunken wannabe! The set seemed a bit too short but they still rocked out. Come on Mammoth, play a 10 minute version of Engulfed By Flames!

Killer line-up & great night with mates! Nothing else needed.

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Can you tell these photo's were taken whilst just a little inebriated?

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