Sunday, November 28, 2010

Infectious Grooves...

I know this is past the used by date but I only just found out that Infectious Grooves have been playing shows once again!!! Bring this shit to Australia!!!

In the lead up to Metallica touring Australia (yes, I still haven't written anything about the gigs!) I listened to a bit of Metallica but I was mainly listening to Infectious Grooves psyched that I was going to see Rob bust out on the bass! I ended up meeting all of Metallica except the main man I wanted to... Rob!!! Bring Infectious Grooves out to Australia!!!

Then it all came crashing down.... Whaaat? No Rob on bass, no Steve on drums?!? It's like bringing Kyuss to Australia with no Josh?!??!

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Something Sweet To Throw Away said...

I got a bit carried away with the photo size but I was fairly excited !!!