Monday, November 29, 2010

Huntress / Motosierra / Lace Weeper

Three bands I've newly discovered this year! Huntress earlier in the year and Motosierra and Lace Weeper more recently. All three kick arse and rock the shit out of so much of what is going on out there at the moment. These are well worth checking out!!!

My favourite metal band that will kick you on your arse, Huntress, are in the process of recording their debut album. Since I first heard these Californians I was hooked! You can download three killer tracks from their Off With Her Head EP from Bandcamp. They are also selling t-shirts for only US$15 with amazing artwork by Farron Loathing. Huntress aren't today's typical 'metal' band with run of the mill riffs and double-kick beats, this band is the shit! I tell you what, they should've been supporting Metallica on their recent Australian tour with the awesome Baroness instead of Lamb Of Oh God...

Posted on their Facebook page today "Recording Jill's vocals tonight for pre-pro. Banshees weep." I don't even know where to start with describing her strength... Her male equivalent I guess would be Rob Halford, but she makes him sound like Pee Wee Herman in comparison. Her range is massive and her metal prowess mighty. I suppose it's not fair to Rob that she's trained operatically! The drums would beat the shit out of any street gang and as well as the riffs, the guitar solo's shred better than most of their 80's counterparts.
Jill also front's Chelsea Girls. Featuring Samantha Maloney (Hole / Mötley Crüe / Eagles Of Death Metal), Corey Parks (Nashville Pussy) & Allison Robertson (The Donnas). The guys in the band are also in another band worth checking out, Professor.

Huntress - Myspace /  Bandcamp / Facebook.

Ireland's Lace Weeper are set to release their new EP late December. These guys will also impress! Their style of layed back grooves would be a perfect smoking partner for Soundgarden's 'Louder Than Love' and Alice In Chains 'Dirt'. Not the same, just awesome chilled riffage.

They describe themselves in their bio as "Blues of the 50's, Classic Rock of the 70's and Alternative / Metal bands of the 90's. They counter driving hard rock rhythms with mellow acoustics and a keen sense of melody." Pretty accurately described, although I must say when it gets a bit more distorted and grungey, it feels like a more natural sound for the band.

Check out their site and download the Lace Weeper demo for free!

Lace Weeper - site / Facebook.

I was stoked when I opened up my post office box today to see a parcel sitting there from Uruguay! A package full of Motosierra goodies!!! CD's, badges & stickers!!! All the way from Montevideo, this punk rock outfit are full on!!!

Throw the Dwarves, Motörhead, some speed and a little bit of crazy into a blender and when the lid blows off and what's left of them sprays all over the walls in a bloodied mess... that's Motosierra!

I'm going to start cranking these CD's, so expect some reviews down the track !!!

Motosierra - Myspace / Facebook.

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