Friday, August 6, 2010

Adalita solo - Empress. 31-7-2010.

Amaya Laucirica

Empress, Melbourne.
Saturday 31-7-2010.

Amaya Laucirica is enchanting. Opening this night she was a delight to the senses. A dimly lit Empress, guitar and long dress, all in tones of red. Her voice reminiscent of Hope Sandoval drawing you into the warmth of its elegant charm. Captivating the room and even as Amaya tuned her guitar, no one spoke a word. Her style of somber folk blends across genres but there is one constant, it is beautiful.

The room filled as Adalita, Magic Dirt’s singer / guitarist, readied herself for her solo show. All stood in excited anticipation, the word is spreading about the depth of her set, the rawness and open nature that delves into honesty and pure emotion.

As a musician, as she has stated, nervous in her new venture, Adalita is putting herself out there. Predominantly by herself on stage, eyes closed and head tilted back, she gives it her all. Without the rest of her band you can hear the subtleties in her voice and its strength which can sometimes get lost in the sheer volume of Magic Dirt. The contrast is enormous and refreshing. What more could you ask for other than Adalita and her SG? A solo album! Due out the end of this year or early next year, Adalita played mostly songs from this up coming release, as well as a couple of old Magic Dirt b-side’s, Influence and Gap and finishing with an encore of a newly written number.

It’s another side we see of Adalita, an honesty and openness not usually on show. Even as she finished a song, opened her eyes and adjusted her mic stand she said “Fuck! Wow! There’s certainly a lot of people. It’s awesome. Thanx for coming out”. She seemed honestly surprised.

At times the music was minimal with finger-picked delays, light distortion and pre-recorded rhythmic guitar from an invisible accompaniment. There were simple layers of starkness with Adalita’s dark and brooding vocals hauntingly reaching through. JP Shilo, who did some work on her solo album, joined Adalita on stage. Firstly with his violin and then his Jazzmaster. He brought another dimension, an ethereal and fragile background ambience. The emotion at times is quite captivating and overwhelming. The power of intimacy became all too real when Adalita was introducing a song, “I’m always thinking about my man Dean… this is for you, everything’s for you”. Beautiful words from one talented musician to another.

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