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Adalita Interview!

Adalita (Magic Dirt) interview.
Saturday 31-7-2010.

(As posted on Word On The Street)

How are you finding this second run of solo shows?

It’s good, really different. I feel like I’m starting again but I’ve got this career behind me. It feels pretty scary but a lot of people I’ve talked to that do solo shows find them quite scary and really hard to do, especially if you’re used to being in a band.

Are you more confident now doing them?

Oh no way! I’ve found my confidence is building as I’m doing it and I can’t lie and say oh yeah I feel fine. It’s good, but no I’m not fine. It’s hard but the confidence is building, I feel way better about it, way more confident and not as bad as I felt last year.

How are you finding Magic Dirt fans like the solo shows?

Yeah good, I’m pleasantly surprised that people are into it and they’re finding something that they like about it. I’ve had people come back from last years shows and they’re into it. They really want to hear a record so it’s good.

Do you have a different ritual to get ready for the solo sets compared to with the band?

I think I need a ritual cause I’ve never really had one. I used to warm up a little when Magic Dirt started to get that second wave of success with Warner. I was doing a lot of warm up. I think I should do them again because what I’m finding is that I’m so nervous that I’m panting a lot of the time I’m on stage, so I feel like I’m out of breath and I’ve run a marathon. It’s all the anxiety so I need to do something to get rid of that sort of top layer of nerves.

Are there any bands that you’d want to put on Emergency Music if you moved in that direction?

The Laurels from Sydney, Mother & Father from Melbourne, Valentine from Melbourne.

You grew up you relating to Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry. What did you like about them?

Well, they were women. So it’s cool, in that way. They were harder edged. They had attitude, they were tough in their own way and strong, very much had their thing going on. It really just comes down to the music for me. So I love the Pretenders, Blondie, Kate Bush. But I liked the dudes too. I love David Bowie, T-Rex and then all the obvious bands, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Mudhoney, Stooges, Dinsoaur Jr probably is my favourite band of all time!

With the up and coming tour with Blondie and the Pretenders, you must be a little bit stoked!

Oh Fuck! I’m a little bit stoked and I’m a little bit fuckin overwhelmed!

When you get to meet Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry, do you have something you want to ask them?

No. I think with people like that they’re just people. I think that if I was to sit down with them I’d much rather talk about their pet cat or something like that you know. I’m not interested in asking them anything about their music in that way cause I’m sure they get it all the time. I’m sure they’d be happy to talk about certain aspects but it’d just be something that would unfold but if I was forced to ask them something may-be I’d ask Chrissie Hynde what a certain song was about but no I don’t know.

You’ve had some good collaborations over the years, are there any that have meant a lot to you?

Well the Rowland S. Howard one. He did that when he was really ill and it wasn’t long before he died. He did such a great job. We kind of worked with Rowland over the years due to Dean’s love and respect for Rowland so that was pretty special. That was really great cause after that we struck up a friendship. He just really loved Magic Dirt and loved doing stuff with us and that song Summer High (White Boy EP – 2009) that we did together. Joe from Snowman and I wrote that together at a Mushroom Music writer’s workshop.

Have you got any favourite gigs / venues you’ve played?

Barwon Club was pretty amazing back in the day. A couple of shows that we did there was riots and you were scared for your safety but in a kind of exciting way. Geelong was huge and had its moment, was the place to be, to go and see shows, play shows. We were having bands like Dinosaur coming through town and playing the Barwon Club.

What’s happening with Magic Dirt at the moment?

We’re just taking some time out. Whenever I start thinking about the possibility of doing shows again I find it really hard to go there. So I don’t think I’m ready or the bands ready to start thinking about that yet. I think we do need some more time just have a bit of a break from touring.

When’s your solo album coming out?

It’s not all signed off and done. I’ve just finished the artwork which has taken me quite a while to do. So it shouldn’t be too long now that it’s all actually finished but I’m still waiting on a release date.

Complete interview will be posted next week.
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It was the first interview I had done in a long time. At the start I mentioned this to Adalita and she said she hadn’t done many for a while; we could get through this together. Phew! We spoke for 35 minutes. I thank her for being so giving of her time and open. It was a pleasure and privilege. As well as being an amazing musician herself, Adalita also fronts Magic Dirt, One of the greatest bands to ever grace a stage. If you haven’t had a chance to get along to any of her solo shows, make sure you get there. It is an experience not to be missed.

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