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Regurgitator @ The EBC. 4-7-2010

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Review: Regurgitator at the East Brunswick Club, Sunday 4 July

I walked through the door into the band room only to hear the last few bars of Ouch My Face, followed by “Wow, they were really good!” Stoked! Glad I got to catch them.

After buying a drink, I went down the front to wait for Regurgitator. It’s been years since seeing them live. It seems to be the ritual lately, catching up with old friends; Meanies, Spiderbait, Tumbleweed. It’s been hard to stay in touch. I moved to Melbourne. Guitarist Quan has been in Hong Kong. Bassist Ben has been in Turkey and Berlin. My, haven’t we all been sooo busy travelling. Finally they decided we should all hang out. They’ve relocated to Melbourne and with drummer Pete Kostic (Kryptonics, Front End Loader, Vicious Hairy Mary, Hard-Ons) decided tonight should be the night.

The East Brunswick Club was noticeably empty for a ‘sold out’ gig. Well, up until about 5 minutes before Quan walked out and said “How are you tonight?”. A few yelled, a few raised glasses and a few still weren’t sure of what to expect from our beloved ‘Gurg'.

“Oh… mixed feelings”.

As they broke into 'Clean' you immediately remembered the style that Regurgitator possess. When they’re up on stage, they own the room and it didn’t take long for any uncertainties to disappear. Quan’s smooth looking leather jacket and self confessed need of a haircut was in contrast to Ben’s shaved head and monster truck “Ruff Enuff” t-shirt, yet they gelled perfectly. Pete was up the back in the dark behind his kit but definitely let us know he was there!

The keyboards were nowhere to be seen on the night, which certainly added more of a punk edge rather than the electro-pop some of their songs have become known for. Give me 1994’s 'Hamburger' any day and I’m a delirously happy listener. They didn’t answer my requests for 'Couldn’t Do It' but they did throw in 'Nothing To Say,' (surely just for our little reunion).

As new Melbourne residents, Quan added between songs that it was “weird in Sydney” but tonight it “feels great because we live here!” Melbourne seemed pretty happy to follow through on the adoption, singing the chorus back to Quan to the hip-hop track 'I Will Lick Your Arsehole'. Pete’s hip-hop beats seem another lifetime away from Front End Loader’s 'Weak As Piss' but he nailed it. From punked up ferocity to naked breaks, Regurgitator still bring it to the table.

As Blubber Boy started, fans sang along but as I watched Ben & Pete talking amongst themselves, they just left Quan hanging, he stopped playing and queried the rest of the band. Seems that Ben thought he would let the song build up a bit more before they joined in. “Should we play it again?” Mixed feelings rose again, and damn straight. It was one of the nights highlights.

They raced through their setlist and as Quan look over at the LED displayed for all to see on the wall realised they still had plenty of time. They played a few new songs and after playing 'Miranda July' he said “my girlfriend wasn’t very pleased with me writing that song…. But that’s art.” As they drew close to the final sands of the hourglass they introduced us to their take on a 90’s Dream Theatre instrumental… they seemed confused that we actually liked it.

You’ll like anything, yes we will!

It was a killer set, although a few of us missed Miffy, and I was stoked to catch them again after all these years. They played a varied mix of old and new, including tracks from 1994’s Hamburger, 1995’s FSO and covering each release through to 2007’s Love and Paranoia. The new material was well received and the anticipation of what they come up with next is already building. Chatting with the guys after, Ben was psyched they were recording an EP this weekend in Melbourne’s north. Quan said that as part of the Graphic Film festival at the Sydney Opera House they were playing along to a screening of Akira. His somewhat confused expression didn’t seem to believe his mouth. Both were appreciative to those that hung around to chat after and signed a few things to keep the stalkers at bay.

Keep an eye out for upcoming gigs and a new release. Regurgitator are happy to be back and Melbourne’s stoked to be the new proud parents.

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