Friday, July 23, 2010

Mike Vallely...

This is one of my favourite pieces of poetry. Written by the legendary pro skater Mike Vallely. He has published loads of poetry books and is one of my all time favourite skaters alongside Matt Hensley, Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Chris Miller to name a few. I have seen Mike do a spoken word back in the mid 90's in a pub in Sydney and seen him skate a couple of times. Awe inspiring stuff. I have also been lucky enough to interview Mike for a radio show as well as an online column I used to do and it was amazing. He is so giving of his time. The first time, during the mid 90's, after sitting down and chatting with him, I asked him if he remembered the piece below and if he could recite it for me. He did perfectly. I looked up and there was a crowd around us all completely focussed on Mike's words. Awesome stuff. I first saw this poem in a Transworld Article on him in the early 90's.

I see the parrot girl all the time
she looks at me
I turn away - I am shy
no parrot girl could make me lose my mind
though parrot girl put on too much makeup
and in the wrong places
one can tell a feathered wing did the work
parrot girl says the same things over and over
give me
love me - cater to my parrot needs
parrot girls she has a job
I've been to her place of work
she handed me a plate with another feathered
friend fried and dried on it
eat and enjoy she said
something is wrong with the parrot girl

- Mike Vallely.

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