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Mark Lanegan - 7/7/2010.

Mark Lanegan
Corner Hotel
7th July 2010.

(As posted on Word On The Street)

Does The Corner seem bigger to you? Did they used to have a false ceiling? It’s been a while since I was in there and Mark Lanegan is definitely a great reason to return.

Amaya Laucirica is supporting Mark throughout the Australian tour. Her enchanting voice coupled only with her acoustic guitar is a stark contrast from Lanegan’s guttural style but both so fittingly beautiful.

Amaya strummed as the backdrop to my old friends and long lost greetings, sharing stories and a quiet drink. As with us, I feel she was a little lost in the night’s anticipation and a lot of those standing weren’t fully receiving how amazing she was. Glass of wine, quiet bar and Amaya, would be a perfect night.

Mark walked straight out and before even a note was sung he captured the room. His presence is larger than anyone's attention span and his career even more prevalent. Singing with Screaming Trees and living mostly in the shadows of the grunge explosion through to collaborating with such amazing musicians as Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs) with the Twilight Singers / Gutter Twins and Queens Of The Stone Age to name a few. His raw talent leaves every man wishing they’d starting drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes decades ago with every woman left panting and whispering his name.

Permanent red tones bled from the lights, Dave Rosser (Twilight Singers / Gutter Twins) stood to his side strumming his acoustic and Mark with eyes shut, heart open, just stood there singing pure emotion and it came straight from his soul. It was like he was exorcising demons within himself and baring the darkest secrets of his, at times, somewhat troubled life.

From the first moments we were hooked. Gripped by his rustic tones and the honesty he pervades, Mark Lanegan’s unique vocal style in passing could be taken as raspy and harsh, but when you stop and listen you just fall right into that bass vibrato that seems to underline everything he does.

Mark played songs from throughout his career including solo work, side projects and two Screaming Trees tracks. He also brought us his take on a few covers including Pink Floyd and finished with the track written by Alain Johannes (Them Crooked Vultures touring member, QOTSA, Eleven, Desert Sessions) and made famous by Queens Of The Stone Age, Hanging Tree. Awesome finish.

A few mentioned that Mark didn’t look well and he left straight after the set. Dave wrote on his blog earlier in the day “We both got sick in New Zealand (hey, it’s SUMMER where we live!) and Mark was fighting to not lose his voice”. Mark, your voice was amazing, so obviously “tons of herbs & Sudafed” worked a treat.

If you haven’t experienced, jump on in heart first. It’s a beautiful ride.

Set list:
When Your Number Isn’t Up (Bubblegum – 2004)
One Way Street (Field Songs – 2001)
No Easy Action / Miracle (Field Songs – 2001)
Shiloh Town (Cover – Tim Hardin – I’ll Take Care Of You – 1999)
Little Willie John (Bubblegum – 2004)
Don’t Forget Me (Field Songs – 2001)
Where The Twain Shall Meet (Screaming Trees – Buzz Factory – 1989)
Message To Mine (Here Comes That Weird Chill EP – Bubblegum Preview – 2003)
Can’t Catch The Train (Soulsavers – Broken – Vocals / Co-wrote - 2009)
Mirrored (Hit The City Single - Bubblegum – 2004)
Resurrection Song (Field Songs - 2001)
Julia Dream (Cover - Pink Floyd – It Would Be So Nice Single B-Side / Relics- 1968)
The River Rise (Whiskey For The Holy Ghost – 1994)
One Hundred Days (Bubblegum – 2004)
On Jesus’ Program (Cover – Overton Vertis Wright - I’ll Take Care Of You – 1999)

Traveller (Screaming Trees – Dust – 1996)
Bombed (Bubblegum – 2004)
Flowers (The Winding Sheet – 1990)
Hangin’ Tree (QOTSA – Songs For The Deaf - 2002)

The below poster is done by the talented Rhys Cooper for the Friday 9/7/2010 Espy gig.

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