Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nice Dreams...

Cheech & Chong instore.
Saturday 18th April, 2008.
JB HiFi, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Quick run in to JB Hi-Fi during my lunch break! Luckily there wasn't that much of a wait and I got to meet them! Would've sucked running out of time and having to leave.

Spoke to a few guys in the line, a few didn't get to go to the shows, like myself. Too much coin. Saw some cool things VHS covers, posters, guitars, CD's & DVD's, some very cool vinyl - Hutchy's Wedding Album was cool, a few Up In Smoke vinyls! The bizarro choice of the day was a ceramic John Howard bong!

We were told no photos of the guys once we were within a couple of metres of them. Took a few but people were constantly in front of them. So when I got to speak to them I just asked Chong. He was like yeah, I guess so. He asked a guy next to him and he said to just quickly do it. So I went round behind them and gave my camera to the next guy in the line and he was cool enough to take a couple of photos. By the time Chong got Cheech's attention to look at the camera - photo time - security came straight up and put a stop to it. Seems a little more than ridiculous if the guys themselves don't mind photos but everyone else does... ummm... who were we there for?

They were really cool guys, was awesome to meet them after all these years. Would have been amazing to see them live, but unfortunately just wasn't to be. Was thinking about it afterwards that it was kind of strange we watched their movies as kids and my parents who normally wouldn't let us watch that kind of stuff didn't put a stop to it... May-be they had their own Cheech & Chong paraphenalia without our knowledge? Who knows...

"Hey maan.....

C'mon maan.....


This dude wants a photo with us maan..."

This was where Mr Event Security (Yes, they had 'event security' written on their shirts?!?) came up to the cool guy that took these photos for me and put his hand on him, think it pushed him a bit to the side, just enough to cut half of Cheech's head out of the snap... damnit!

A4 sized photo I took
in to get signed...

Cool older photo.

Signed 'Up In Smoke' CD.

No vinyl left in my collection. :(

Flyer for Australian shows.

Signed poster for Australian shows.

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