Saturday, November 8, 2008


The Tote, Friday 9th November '08.
Black Level Embassy, Mammoth Mammoth, Sons Of The Ionian Sea, Kids Of Zoo.

The Tote welcomed us in its usual seedy comfort. Dark, walls lined with gigs long gone from musical royalty and patrons who love its history. It's one of the last venues left in a world of pokies and synth beats. Let's take a pause for the long lost Punter's......


This evening's line up was awesome! First up off the rank Kid's Of Zoo. A three-piece that wrenched my cerebellum out through my ears! With enough high-end energy to power Melbourne for the next year, these guys pushed it to the limit and fuckin cranked it way past 10 on the richter. Move'em up the bill.

Mammoth Mammoth - with a name like that the sound should have been louder. Guitar too soft, vocals down too low. Regardless, fuckin awesome! A stripped down balls to the wall rock outfit that know how to do just that. I have never seen a singer that wants to play guitar so much! Air guitar like it was going out of fashion, it would've been complete if a roadie jumped up and fixed his air-amp that kept dropping out.

Really dug Mammoth Mammoth, killer end to a great week, but could it get better? They rocked out Kyuss as a tribute to Skye (Little Bird) as last night was last drinks before the bar shuts in Melbourne. Fairwell and kick arse in PM.

Missed most of Sons Of The Ionian Sea, fair few punters in there digging it. Only saw a couple of Black Level Embassy, the sound was not conducive to staying. Started out ok but just kept on rolling in on itself until it was just a blurr. Irritation was not optional. The band were cool though and I am definately going to be on the look out for their next gig.

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