Sunday, October 12, 2008

Metallica - Death Magnetic

They lost me a few albums ago. Somewhere amongst thrashing my hair about in my youth and them cutting theirs off. The music seemed to lack the passion and energy of previous releases, their Metallica or Black album was what seemed to be their final curtain with future releases just seeing them in their final throes before death. And death it is, Death Magnetic. A blend of styles. A throwback to their roots as well as newer releases that seems to bring the energy back to the forefront. A few tracks I am not sure about, whether I am getting to old for 15 time signatures in one minute, my neck snapping from trying to give in to it, or whether they are trying too hard. There are definately a few stand out tracks though that has kept me listening to it beyond the opening few bars. Standout so far, on day three of leaving it in the car, is The Unforgiven III. Melodic, heavy, emotional, angressive, confrontational, unforgiving. Lyrically and musically I would say that this has to be one of their best songs they have written in a long long time. I definately recommend listening to the album, even though I am still undecided about most of it but it is an interesting listen. I think a lot of older Metallica fans will be stoked with this one.

"How can I be lost, if I've got nowhere to go?
Search for seas of gold, how come it's got so cold?
How can I be lost, in remembrance I relive.
And how can I blame you, when it's me I can't forgive?"
Metallica - 'The Unforgiven III'

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